Wanderlust: Rebirth

Wanderlust: Rebirth

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Nick-it 2013年9月8日 13時19分 
Looking for some sort of achievement guide or info. Been searching the internet earlier today, but there are none to be found. Having a hard time to figure out what unlocks every achievement.
Chris 2013年8月24日 14時28分 
How do you set up "Wanderlust" on a controller?
2 Angry Inches  [開発者] 2013年8月21日 14時01分 
Some video cards blur the game, we aren't sure why. My game has pixel-perfect sizing, but Matt's blurs. Very odd...
Davideo 2013年8月21日 13時32分 
Me and my friend bnought this game when it first came out on Steam, but we were never able to play it do to not been able to host or join a game, im not sure if the hosting of a game has gotten any better since then, but if it hasn't I would suggest a easier way to host a game
Baxe (CyberMark) 2013年8月20日 13時11分 
The game haves its promise if some of the most bugging issues are dealt with, like Skyodeus said, there is no aspect ratio, and this is just annoying to a cetrain extent, also some background art looks really bad (like if you where playing a gamebay advance emulator).

Another issue I found is that the clouds can be bugging since you cant see under them, either remove them completely or just leave the shadows there like in ¨The legend of Zelda: a link to the past.¨

Also adding costumizable gamepad controls and sound effects on story driven elements, critical hits, paotion use, magics, ets... would make the combat so much more satisfying that it is right now.

I just finished the first mini-boss fight grizzly, but it was so underwhelming with no sound effects...

Hope you guys work on it to become much better than it is right now, since it feels like an alpha version of the game.
Syko 2013年8月20日 2時13分 
I have not finished the game yet so answering this would not be relevant, but I've got a question.

Is there a way to change the pixels aspect of the game ? As a fan of pixel art, and pixel artist myself, I hate the fact that there is no pixel perfact aspect for fullscreen mode. To clarify what I mean, here is a quick picture.


Currently, the game looks like the right tree. I expect it like the left one. I think this is my main issue with the game at the moment : please implement the nearest neighbour algorithm to your game so I can actually enjoy the great work you made on graphics.

Hoping my pleads will be heard,
Yours truly,
Princess Toadstool.