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RaceRoom Racing Experience

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More Than a Game

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RaceRoom Racing Experience is a Free2Race game that connects fans of racing around a game, motorsports portal and online store combined and seamlessly built into one platform making it More Than a Game™.

Drivers begin their racing career on the portal and hit the track with plenty of free-to-play content. Free2Race cars and tracks are available to all registered users and more content and features will be added over the course of time. No matter your taste in racing, we’ve made certain that there’s no shortage of combinations to compete with.

Additional cars, tracks, and game modes are available for purchase in the store allowing players to build the game of their dreams.

RaceRoom Racing Experience

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• Added content that will be used in upcoming competitions. Check for more information soon.
• Added new content that will be available in store soon.
• Multiplayer: Fixed cars spawning in the same grid/pit spot
• Multiplayer: Fix: dedicated server not always notifying clients when join request was refused.
• Multiplayer: Fixed "p2p" flickering in some cases.
• Multiplayer: Fixed a memory leak in network code.
• Multiplayer: Fixed resetting fastest sector time holders when players leave (fastest lap time bug) and a bunch of similar bugs in timing screens/HUD overlays.
• Multiplayer: Players count does not update until player has actually joined the track.
• Single Player: Player avatar does not appear in starting grid and podium screens.


• Advanced stats tab in DTM Experience now displays DTM content only as originally intended.
• Changed filtering so that when selecting 'all cars" of a class in a leaderboard, it shows the best entry of the user, if he/she have different entries with different cars.
• Rebuilt the leaderboard index for performance.
• Added qualify and race length in the MP server browser info box.

Known issues

• Lap by Lap split time overlay always show both as position 12.
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