Dungeonbowl Knockout Edition is now available!!

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ByTorious Jul 9 @ 7:51pm 
I bought Dungeonbowl long ago and then realized it had no AI. Since I do not play many games online, Guild Wars and Diablo III are about it, now I can finally play it?

Thank ypou very much Cyanide!!!
FPS Jul 9 @ 3:55am 
Just how many editions of Blood Bowl there are? I'm totally lost.
Corle Jun 23 @ 1:58pm 
is there single player?
Yoki Jun 21 @ 6:46pm 
I bought Dungeonbowl directly from Cyanide as soon as it was released, is there any way for me to get a Steam key and also enjoy this updated version?
Charlyzard Jun 21 @ 3:04am 
Thanks a lot for this edition
Chocolate Jun 20 @ 12:11pm 
Thank you Cyanide, so much.

I was disappointed and even a bit angry that so much of Dungeonbowl was going to be DLC, but you've done away with all that. And I wanted to express my sincere thanks. I am still a bit sore about the DLC in the first place, but not a lot of companies will do stuff like this. Thanks. :D
a_strange_aeon Jun 19 @ 5:22pm 
This is awesome! I was always a little let down by Dungeonbowl, but now it has decent help in the game, an AI, and this version grants all the team DLC. This is a really fun game, especially if you're a fan of the classic--it's basically like playing it in an alternative universe.
Gazpachito Fresh! Jun 17 @ 4:36am 
Better late than never