Batman™: Arkham Knight

Batman™: Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Update, 8/20

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Davidebuey Oct 28, 2015 @ 11:06am 
Well after playing the game for 30 min after installing this patch i can defenetly say that its just the same.
I have a r9 390,i7 4790k and 8gb of ram and i cant get steady 60 fps while driving the car,the game looks like the ps4 version and the performance is just not acceptable.
I get 50-60 fps inside buildings and i keep having the stuttering issue,i do not recomend this game.

PD:Rocksteady said that they will release a directx 12 version.I dont know what to believe because they said that even before the game came out,

Thank you Rocksteady you lost another costumer
Dukat Sep 29, 2015 @ 8:11am 
you are somewhat correct "your mom".
Games SHOULD be built individually for the PC platform and not ported, but it is a little harder and requires more resources.
Ultimately, devs who get lazy and port and do a horrible job really suck
The Joker Sep 28, 2015 @ 1:08pm 
I have a question and correct me if I'm wrong. Since the game is designed on a computer, wouldn't it make more sense to just publish it for the computer instead of porting it?? I don't know much about the publishing process so maybe it doesn't work that way but I feel like it should... It just doesn't make sense to go from computer to console back to computer...
Crazycrab Sep 27, 2015 @ 3:46am 
@catholicbatman Thanks, sounds like it might worth a try.
paul.exe Sep 25, 2015 @ 3:19pm 
Will I be able to run this if so what about textures (low - med - high)
Intel Core i5 4460 Quad Core 3.2Ghz Processor
AMD Radeon HD 7970 Graphics Card
8 GB Ram
Windows 10
MSI H81M-P33 Military Class Motherboard
catholicbatman Sep 23, 2015 @ 7:14pm 
@Crazycrab - I have an older system (well nowadays anyway) - I'm under the minimum requirements and though I don't have much gametime it seems to run fine on my Radeon HD 7770 2 Ghz graphics card and i7 3770, so if mine is any indication you should pick it up. I got my game off ebay on the cheap; figured it was worth a gamble.
Bioxze Sep 23, 2015 @ 11:28am 
Sonunda düzelttiler be aq alıcam diye 3 aydır bekliyorum
Murt21 Sep 21, 2015 @ 8:33pm 
You never use testers for fix the problems before launch it on Steam??
Crazycrab Sep 21, 2015 @ 6:37pm 
I've seen steam codes online for about £10 so I've got to ask is it worth buying for that right now or should I just get it on console, the cheapest I've seen is about £20 - £30.

Please note: Objective answers only please, none of this "PC Master Race" bullshit.

My system:
i7 4790k @4.00 Ghz
Gigabyte G1 GTX 980Ti
Have the option of running on an SSD
kjr5009 Sep 20, 2015 @ 1:27pm 
i am just wondering when the game will be out to buy again