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Okay folks, this is it! Aside from 2nd Encore features and Robo-Fortune's story and gallery, which will not be included in the Beta, this is your Skullgirls.

Today's Patch Notes BGM™ is Up the Mountain, from the soundtrack of Rocky IV:
It's how I feel RIGHT NOW. I have feelings... "GET BACK TO WORK!" Okay...

- Fixed Painwheel's character select sprite colors, thanks acfan.
- Lobby joining errors that are not a version mismatch no longer show the "version mismatch" text, thanks CaioLugon.
- Bugfix: Undizzy no longer counts down (or resets to 0 from negative) on the frame you get hit. It worked properly during hitpause and hitstun, but on the exact frame you were hit it would still get updated. This fixes Valentine's green vial not properly subtracting undizzy when used as the first hit of a combo. Two years later, thanks worldjem for being persistent. Must be the sleeves.
- The right side tutorial objectives text now is drawn in front of the characters. Now you can like, read it, and stuff! This was NOT easy, my goodness.
- Grab supers now give proper amounts of meter to the opponent relative to damage or hits, including but not strictly limited to: Ultimate Showstopper, Beast of Gehenna, Nekhbet Breaker, Buer Thresher, Goodfellows, Daisy Pusher, and Dead On Arrival. Thanks Izzmo for pointing out that I'd forgotten to put ANY opponent metergain in most of these for the entire project. :^|

- Bugfix: s.LP 5f startup -> 6f. Yes, it's a bug. It was supposed to be Double's, not Filia's. Erring on the side of not letting her punish more things, given her existing impressive array of tools. Coulda done a lot of other things, settled for this one because it actually wasn't the original intent.
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