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...that's nothing special here, it's just the date.
I spent the last six days looking at bugs in console lobbies (and maybe some other secret thing that isn't what you think it is), so my jokes are at their weakest, okay? :^)

As always, full changelist is HERE.

Title screen build ID 14608.

- Getting crumpled in the corner no longer pulls certain characters out of the corner.
- Bursting from a snapback hit is always a gold burst (always safe) even if it wouldn’t have been otherwise.
- Updated the dead zones for the analog sticks on PS4 to be a teeny bit larger. Not sure if better or worse, in reality, but it’s required. :^)
- Reshuffled a lot of the art to make more memory available on PS3, because there was at least one out-of-memory crash in lobbies on PS3. (;_;)

- M Clone bounce height returned to normal; after-slam disappearance still faster, to let her summon other shadows earlier.
- Redrew the hitboxes on the active frame of s.LK so that it more reliably hits standing Painwheel and Ms. Fortune.

- Redrew the hitboxes on the active frame of s.LK so that it more reliably hits standing Painwheel and Ms. Fortune.

Big Band
- j.HP damage 900->1100, to give him back a bit of damage he loses by not having j.MK-MK-HP loops.
- Improved opponent's reaction when hit by gravity-scaled (3rd-and-after) j.MK-MK so you can continue.
- No longer wrongly gets the short recovery from j.HK when landing on the same frame it makes contact.

- Lady of Slaughter startup 20f->17f. Still not invincible.

Ms. Fortune
- Headbutt +3f hitstun, 2f blockstun; Can now cancel the recovery after bouncing off into either Sneeze or Nom.
- Sneeze:
-- Trajectory is still more vertical and higher, but slightly more horizontal than previously.
-- Opponent movement returned to closer to how it was before.
-- Cooldown -25f (now same as Zoom) because of the extra travel time for the head.

- MP Bang!
-- Active frames 2->4, to help it be just slightly more useful.
-- Increased knockback on hit and block. (Is this desirable, or not? Seems more useful to me...)
- In addition to cancelling a bomb toss into another bomb toss, she can now cancel the first bomb toss into a teleport by inputting D+K or QCB+K.
- LK teleport moves her backward, slightly less distance than a backdash. (Vastly preferred this over the punch-in-place.)
- L Teleport is not fake even while holding a punch button - M and H teleports still are.
- j.LP 9f->8f, hitboxes the same hitbox expanded downward AND vulnerable boxes expanded outward. No longer hits overhead if done before an airdash would have come out during a jump, like Eliza's j.LK. :^)
- M and H Georges (bombs) startup now 15f (down from 18 and 20).
- Attacks that touch Lenny still make hitsparks, but remain active. Opposing team’s attacks are still stopped when they hit him, like before, but he does not act like Egret Dive anymore.
- [bugfix] She can now jump-cancel her backdash! (Yes, this is a bugfix. This was a leftover from when it was airborne that I never had the chance to properly implement...but it makes very little sense that a runaway character was unable to do this, when even Valentine can cancel hers into a doublejump.)
- The first 3f of Teleport (before she is invincible) is now correctly super-cancellable.

- H divekick works as OTG.

- [bugfix] She can now jump-cancel ALL the grounded frames of her backdash at the beginning and the end.
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