Launch Build 1.00.14 - Hotfix

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B!nK!e Feb 20 @ 5:27am 
what happend can not loggin ? today 20-2-2014
someone know iff ther is a problem to login ?
Gorione Feb 17 @ 2:10pm 
Nice! But what about the Translations?
the German translation is really bad. Looks like Google Translate.....
Not only german. Polish is also affected.
NevalDrake's ;3 Feb 16 @ 6:55am 
hukuduku :Đ
nadav_193 Feb 14 @ 3:20am 
Tomih01 Feb 13 @ 4:25am 


brbrbr Feb 12 @ 7:19pm 
weird stuff happen after hotfix. like FPS dropped slightly and weapons start switching w/o player input right in peak of combat with predictible/lethal consequences :/ ping was lower/more consistent, tho
ABowloFruit Feb 12 @ 4:51pm 
Queues have definitely felt more smooth, game keeps getting better, and it's understandable with the influx of people! For all those looking for help with customization... I've got you covered!
THE MATT ROSE Feb 12 @ 1:56pm 
Just logged in to try to play a couple matches. Finally got the chance to play some annihilation it cuts me from the match about halfway through, when I try the matchmaking it tells me I cannot use the matchmaking becuase I am in a match. This hotfix was a hotmess...
MarveL™ Captain America Feb 12 @ 6:21am 
parties interested in establishing problem would be glad if ı can not connect with my friend