DLC Available Tomorrow! Indie Game: The Movie - SPECIAL EDITION

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malakemporas 3. syys, 2013 13.49 
Kovaelin 23. elo, 2013 12.47 
Steam... movie... DLC. You gotta be kidding.
404! Not Found! 10. elo, 2013 5.40 
Subs in Portuguese-Brazil please! I show up to every one that i know and every one loves it. But the DLC doesnt have subs and no one, excepts me, could watch the sequence.
Sparring 10. elo, 2013 1.30 
Subs in Spanish please... I bought because the movie has got subs in spanish, but i surprised when i saw that the special edition hasn't got (but already i bought it...)
Janito 7. elo, 2013 7.52 
I want subs in Spanish D:
Ringabel 6. elo, 2013 11.27 
I know the DLC is cheap, but what about subtitles? 100+ minutes of recording without subtitles?

What about an update for the DLC? With PT-BR if possible. Please...?
Fresh Produce of Bel Air 31. heinä, 2013 20.44 
Is there a way to get a digital copy of the material that is on the boxed set? I want to see more material and I am willing to pay I just don't need any more absurd plastic discs.
Alemisso 30. heinä, 2013 23.53 
subtitles in ITA?
zainraza 29. heinä, 2013 10.01 
Why are people complaining about DLC, when you buy a DVD or Blu Ray with special features thats the exact same thing as this. This is just the digital version.
Daktari 29. heinä, 2013 1.16 
A DLC movie. Go home steam, you're drunk.