Indie Game: The Movie Steam Bundle 75%off (Movie, DLC + Games)

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-3xA'Lu©κy 2014년 6월 12일 오후 5시 37분 
@Insane Samurai - you're kidding, right?

The 3 games here are terrific and worth more than $9 alone. The interactive documentary is quite good too... and anyone that's remotely interested in the gaming industry should pick it up. I got it today ($3.49 for documentary + "special edition DLC").
Insane Samurai 2014년 6월 12일 오후 12시 04분 
Hope you like horrible graphic platformers and stuff that isn't games :P
DeViLMaN666_Qc 2014년 6월 12일 오후 12시 01분 
Best bundle everrrrrr