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Patch Notes:

- Fix for a jumping bug where the player would not be able to lower in elevation if they die right before a jump.
- Fix for a crash when scrolling on the Controls menu
- Players may no longer dismiss Kinzie as a homie during her Loyalty Mission.
- Clients may now get credit for throwing CID in mission: Sins of the Past


- Saints Row IV has been updated to Steam API 1.23a

- For players experiencing flickering issues when using a gamepad, we have added a new option in the display.ini called: “UIControllerStyle”. This can lock the display to only show gamepad inputs or only show keyboard/mouse inputs throughout play. For the new option to be seen in to the display.ini file: load the game, open the display options menu, and then exit the display options menu.

UIControllerStyle = 0 will result in default behavior. The game will automatically switch between kb/m and gamepad displays.
UIControllerStyle = 1 will lock the UI to kb/m displays. You will never see (A), or (LB), or anything like that, it’s always kb/m.
UIControllerStyle = 2 will lock the UI to gamepad displays. You will never see any keyboard keys, or even the mouse cursor.

If the UIControllerStyle option is omitted, it will default to 0 (auto-switching behavior).

- Added support for future DLC

- Added Japanese text support
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