Gunpoint patch adds Steam Workshop support, new game engine, other things

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xPheRe Aug 16 @ 4:11am 
I just saw Gunpoint appearing on my Linux games list and a big smile came to my face. Just to find out it does nothing after install. Dissapointing. I suppose we still have to wait a while.
Legandaryhon Jul 10 @ 6:47pm 
Come on, give me that level editor!
AMoN-AMoK Jul 8 @ 2:04pm 
will be a level editor on the next update?

And a towell... everyone needs a towell, please.
Leezeebub Jul 8 @ 11:15am 
So when can we expect the level editor?
TheGameSquid Jul 8 @ 10:39am 
Reconfigurable keys!!!
BlueRaja Jul 6 @ 3:02pm 
"The level editor has been in there since launch, but some people still ask for one" - that's usually a good indication that your UI needs improvement.
Christian Jul 4 @ 10:47pm 
Probably just a lost cause, but the level editor is in the menu section when you are choosing missions. Just opened the game and found it in like 5 seconds, but whatever.
evil kitteh Jul 3 @ 3:33pm 
fuk u fuken fggt wasted money on this shit where the fuck is the lvl editor? fukin oussy cunt fggt i hope u choke on semen all i want is to exxpres my cretivity how com u can make lvls and u wont let us god damit wont buy from u gain
Philosophical Goat Jul 3 @ 4:58am 
Oh yeah, that's cool.
Just... please can you already add level editor to game? kkthx
reubos Jul 3 @ 12:00am 
Does this fix the number of bullets persisting, even if you replay levels?