Update 1 is Out

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FakeBLooD 2013年7月14日上午10:12 
great game .. if possible i wish a co-op mode :D
DEEZ NUTS 2013年7月10日下午7:09 
Thanks for the update, fixed my text problem!
Curlyfries 2013年7月10日下午3:05 
When ever i load up a match in this game the map loads as a 1/4 of the screen in the corner how do i fix it?
Noran 2013年7月8日下午5:44 
Wow... some of these forums. I can't tell if the internet brings out the inbread stupid in people of if its been there the whole time.... Very sad, faith in hamanity lost, again.

On a seperate note, great fixes, love the game, keep up the great work!
Tesla-Berserk 2013年7月8日上午10:04 
Nice! :P
Cynical Nerdist 2013年7月8日上午8:16 
It's rediculous that people argue over stupid crap in this comment section instead of talking about how great this game is. I just bought it, and I was hooked on the first mission, Keep it up, guys, you're doing great! :P
Peace Of Mind 2013年7月8日上午4:22 
@Boney. I am not sure why you are getting long load times. My maps load literally in about 2 seconds or less? Have you tried adjusting some settings?
Boney 2013年7月8日上午1:22 
Says the twat who "started it". Just please go kill yourself, I'm sick of supporting you and your inbred family through welfare. Just because your parents could physically breed, doesn't mean they deserved to.
blindhollander 2013年7月7日下午10:19 
Can you please add, a confirm after you click surrender.......i was killing the giant hive after all of the events and i had to get up and pause the game.....i come back and click surrender by mistake and lost 20minutes of my life...
ehartmann11 2013年7月7日上午10:25 
Wow, so ignoring the immaturity. Yes, please fix the load times.