Greetings Everyone!

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☠ Mr.BLaZe ☠ 2012年10月13日上午6:25 
add me
Pirate Capt. Drywall Thief ™ 2012年10月12日下午5:36 
Great to see an enjoyable game from the Behemoth team on Steam, any plans on more DLC characters or anything of the sorts? Or just minor bug fixes and updates? I would enjoy it if you guys at Behemoth could try and repair the coding for the Ninja Pirates and Final Boss area so there is a less significant drop in framerate.
verycatchy 2012年10月12日下午5:35 
Happy to have you here
jhparktc 2012年10月12日下午5:34 
Greetings Megan.