Castle Crashers Steam Update 1.1

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.....Cheo™ 9/nov/2012 às 12:20 
quiero que me den un castle crashers
euamodeus0x1 31/out/2012 às 19:09 
I don't get update my. :(
[84e]Godygamer 19/out/2012 às 9:34 
Finaly now i dont need to worry about the ingame voice chat bugging out when i play with friends
BIN 18/out/2012 às 11:42 
Fix multiplayer!
psydex 18/out/2012 às 0:25 
JoeFabooch 17/out/2012 às 19:51 
Lower the price of the game. Stop nickel and diming us with this outrageous price AND DLC.
Vipes 17/out/2012 às 17:32 
Never give up hope. Behemoth is good.
Revelanth 17/out/2012 às 17:17 
I see that quite a few of the most critical issues have been dealt with which is excellent:)
Bryff 17/out/2012 às 17:04 
This is good news :)