Play Randomnauts in the Weekly Brawl!

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Vectorman Nov 5, 2017 @ 10:53pm 
1. All Nauts have two abilities

2. All Nauts have the same amount of items

3. "This game will die early" I mean, it hit the five year mark and people play it more now than ever before.

4. It is for sure far from a perfect game, but show me a perfectly balanced MOBA where the community is 100% happy, all the time.
Quantoo Nov 5, 2017 @ 9:30am 
Why u guys take so long to make a poor naut with 2 abilities and tiny amout of itens , and i play that character in 2 matchs i already exausted, lol this game will die early, im a founder and i stopped playing this game 1 day after the last character was launched, bcuz its not to much to make us happy at all
Dozo Nov 5, 2017 @ 7:05am 
ergO Nov 4, 2017 @ 6:55am 
skrawnily2 Nov 3, 2017 @ 9:19pm 
It kind of is a regular mode, with all the settings premade and people able to see open custom games now. Just start one up and see who shows.
PlatyPus Nov 3, 2017 @ 6:20pm 
Dulcey Nov 3, 2017 @ 12:34pm 
Good ol' Randomnauts! I've always enjoyed this mode and was really happy to see it included in the brawl feature. :clunk::gearthumbsup:
Battryu Nov 3, 2017 @ 10:13am 
Yay for randomnauts!
Felros Nov 3, 2017 @ 7:31am 
I love randomnauts... This should be a regular Mode...
LUIGI THIS ISN'T WEED Nov 3, 2017 @ 6:22am