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Awesomenauts: The Official Steam Group

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This is the Official Steam Group for Awesomenauts. We'll post announcements about the game, share cool stuff every once in a while, and listen to your feedback. Use the group to discuss cool tactics, share screenshots and videos, and post your awesome fan-art!

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We just released the third Open Beta (version number Beta 5A) for Awesomenauts 3.3: Rise of Galactron on Steam!

The new Beta includes the all-new Fan Art gallery, improved performance, and resolves a large number of connection issues and other problems players encountered. If you ran into problems with the previous Betas, please test out the new Beta to see if they've been resolved and let us know about it!

In addition to the improvements, the new Beta also features several new balance changes that we're planning to release in Update 3.3. For the full patch notes and list of balance changes, head over to our official forums:

Thanks for testing! If all goes well, we might be starting to run more tests in the 'live' environment soon, which will mark a new phase in the release of this massive update!
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