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Crusader Kings II

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Crusader Kings II-related news, directly from us to you!

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If you liked this game, we would gladly accept you into our Paradox family! We are a nice bunch, and we hope to see you on our official forums![] Maybe you will find another game of ours that would be to your liking if you pay us a visit?

Paradox Interactive - Official Steam group
Paradox Development Studio - Official Steam group

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Paradox Interactive Website
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Look here lords and ladies!

No hoarse voices when Groogy speaks of whats coming up in our next, name not yet revealed, expansion for Crusader Kings II!

Teaser: It's about menus and mapmodes!

Development Diary #2 - May 19th[]

Please register your copy of Crusader Kings II on our official forums for access to user mods (too big to fit in the Steam workshop), technical support, discussions directly with the development team and much more![/quote]
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