Patch 2.0.4 Released!

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UJ Apr 28 @ 11:10am 
Started up the game this morning after the 2.0.4 patch was installed. Unfortunately the dynasty shields, province shields, etc. with all of their colors / designs are only showing up black. I double checked to make sure the all of my dynasty shield dlc was turned on but the problem remains. My guess is that Paradox needs to fix the patch or release a new one!
benjamelo Apr 1 @ 12:56pm 
mac startup bug!!!!!!
gersonsmonteiro Mar 25 @ 5:26pm 
little help....where can i find the Patch 2.0.4? thank you in advance
Harrison Mar 9 @ 4:46pm 
Is there something specific that needs to be done to allow the update to occur? Just purchased the game and I'm stuck at V1.1
Sixah28 Mar 9 @ 10:41am 
How about you make a "fix" to the problem with not finding the correct graphics card and not crashing saying run error i havnt even played it it takes 2 hours just to start yes i counted 2 hours! And than crash.
Zonathebeast Mar 1 @ 8:49pm 
I'm on mac, and it just crashes at random points after I've loaded a game. Any suggestions to help fix this problem? It makes me have to restart my whole computer. Not just force quit. It runs smoothly, but at any point, it'll just freeze.
Giampaolo Vermiglio Feb 7 @ 8:46am 
Betrothals are a joke because you have to break them then click marriage to marry someone forcing you to piss someone off when you're trying to make allies. Second you can't marry outside your religion how stupid Jews and Christians have been marrying since the old testament, change it so it's based on opinon because politics is not cut and dry. breaking comformaty is part of the cunning and intregue
[unassigned] Jan 29 @ 8:38pm 
heyyy how about they fix something useful and make it work with mac
Warr Jan 23 @ 7:45am 
Clearing the save game folder fixed my problem with runtime errors/loading the game.
Sixah28 Jan 22 @ 6:58pm 
I heard the Bektashi Heresy for Shi'ite was removed why? Bektashi order is a Sufi order that orginated in Persia by a Shi'ite scholar and sufi saint nammed Bektash and from his teachings bektashis and alevis grew and why Yazidi a Sunni Heresy when 80% is Zorostarian and some sufism and mainly shi'ite ifran (shia mysticism) and the other thing they share with islam in general is the idea of Shaytan in spelling and the story of Melek Taus who Yazidis sorta worship the story of not bowing to addam is same to the story in the quran about the devil thats the main islamic trait the rest is all zorostarian so why dosnt paradox interactive go ahead and make it like Sikh in EU3 where it is in 2 relgions under sunni and zorostarian