Patch 2.1.3 Released!

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<WP> ChaosPrime Apr 26 @ 1:26am 
Those of you trying to play multiplayer and running into host connection issues, there is a work around. Connect to ID seems to work perfectly (for me and my friends at least) despite having the same issues when connecting normally. Hope this helps!
Commander Shepard (FTW) Apr 24 @ 8:33am 
Not using a Mac here, but since this update, I can't even launch the game anymore. This is really unacceptable, Paradox, I hope you guys fix this soon.
Elusive Man Apr 22 @ 1:35pm 
i can't even start mp... i tried to play with friend, neither way works, if i host he joins tab shows waiting for other players, if he hosts, then i join and tab shows "connecting to host"...... previously everything was fine until this update.
ScavengerSpb Apr 22 @ 1:59am 
It seems Muslim "straighten up" problem is not fixed completely. Yesterday I had following situation:

I'd decadent nephew. I successfully used "straighten up" option on him. So he lost decadent trait. After a few months he'd got it again. And in this time "straighten up" option was unavailable for me with red cross near "Not negotiated before". Imprisoning and execution him gave me tyranny opinion hit (-10 each).

I think one of the following should be available after "Decadent" trait is gained second time (after loosing it at first time):
- "Straighten up" is available.
- Imprisoning and execution are not induce tyranny.
BrainBred Apr 21 @ 5:59am 
MP still not fixed.
Wolfen Apr 20 @ 2:05am 
Complete Ruler Designer is a piece of crap now if you don´t rework it maunally. Every "update" some of the feature is gone. Stupid me is still buy every expansion instead of waiting until all are out and i can fix things one time. Meh.
Wikingen Apr 19 @ 2:53am 
Negative_Creep, thanks i'll just have to wait then.. So anoying tho, i had just created the Roman Empire and was taking back or land...
Warthog00 Apr 19 @ 12:25am 
MP is still broken, we have to restart the game once per hour (if we're lucky) because of all this desync...
trapux Apr 17 @ 3:25pm 
J'achéterai ce jeu quand la démo fonctionnera correctement.Le jeu bloque et l'image se fige.
DNH_Gastong Apr 17 @ 2:01pm 
Multiplayer fix... My ass!
CK2 is a great game in single player and it would be in multiplayer, if it just worked. I can only play with friends on lan. Maybe you should make it working instead of using your time and ressourses to make more than enough dlc?! My tits got no more milk, why buy a game with that kind of lack??