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It’s been a week since release and a lot of people have been playing Conclave. As usual, we have carefully listened to feedback from our players, and as Doomdark explained last week, we’ve been looking into ways of improving the design and implementation of certain features. The two main areas of concern are Coalitions and Shattered Retreats, and we are currently testing the revised solutions. Read more about these changes in Conclave: The Near Future[forum.paradoxplaza.com].

On top of this, we’ve been looking to improve the experience in Conclave further. Here’s a selection of new features:
  • A new favor use where a vassal can get pardoned by the liege.
  • A new faction that can unite vassals against tyrannical rulers, change succession law and put the most liked (or the least disliked) vassal on the throne.
  • Clarity, balancing and some new non-congenital traits in the Education system.
  • More events related to favors.
The patch also feature some quality of life improvements such as:
  • A next song button.
  • An option to ignore the music scripts and play all songs randomly (Christmas carols all year long!)
Plus about a hundred more fixes.

As soon as the changes are fully implemented and approved by our internal QA department, we will release it as a public beta to get the opportunity to gather your feedback before finalizing the patch.

Useful links
Official Website[www.crusaderkings.com]
Crusader Kings II Wiki[www.ckiiwiki.com]
Developer Diary Archives[forum.paradoxplaza.com]
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