Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Important Batman Arkham Announcement

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BrandeX 20 кві о 20:45 
"Microsoft has begun the process of closing down Windows Live "

Bullshit. GFWL never went anywhere and all games still work on it just fine - even the Batman games.
Comman 20 кві о 9:14 
everything is ok for me... ty
Spear 17 кві о 10:36 
My code doesn't work. Why?
valeria.kray1 30 бер о 3:23 
kingchewie 25 бер о 13:44 
Does this not work if the key has been used to download through windows live already?
WAR10CK 22 бер о 12:00 
Yeah cool, buyed this Game Retail and used.... how the hell should i use this Key again?!? this is completly BS Guys. Call me for a new KEY otherwise i will use a Crack i guess. Keep destroying Gaming in general !
SirFrizzyHair 18 лют о 5:47 
If I buy it retail from GFWL will it activate on steam?
clashable 24 січ о 13:10 
why I cant play my BATMAN now?
I NEVER PLAY JUNGLE 17 січ о 14:02 
Where is this ADD A GAME button please ?
I NEVER PLAY JUNGLE 17 січ о 14:00 
where is this ADD A GAME button pls ??