Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Important Batman Arkham Announcement

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Gjun 28 sept. @ 6:06am 
It rejected many times my valid key.
Gjun 28 sept. @ 6:04am 
Many of the codes for Batman Arkham City aren't working!!!Fix this please!!!!
lamont.swart 10 sept. @ 12:52pm 
it works, 1 time it dit not work. then i aded the - simbel and it worked
T0RB3N 8 sept. @ 11:41am 
It doesn´t works -.-
The Incredible Putin@G27! 31 aug. @ 10:55am 
Wow this sucks. My key isn't working either. 30 aug. @ 2:46am 
it works!!!!!!! :D :D i thought WB stopped caring about the game. i am so happy that they added it on steam :) i hated Windows LIVE i had an account i never were gonna use anyway
◬PussySmoker◬ 16 aug. @ 9:48am 
swedish98dude 7 aug. @ 11:24am 
i tried putting in my CD key but it didn't work. Is it because i live in sweden and this doesn't apply here?
RektByCamion 5 aug. @ 9:15pm 
Your key does not work ? NP.

Go crack "Batman: Arkham City" . You do not deserve your money.
I never would buy your games, thief !
YoungBlood 1 aug. @ 7:30pm 
I fell #*? or angry i bought batman arkan city at a store
installed the game with the key
after finish there popup a release-date verifcation
this was not possibel cause steam had bought it
told me the securom side:

go to steam - enter ad a game - enter key

i did as saied but:

STEAM rejected the VALID KEY from my retail-box i bought:

#?*#??? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr