Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Batman: Arkham City GOTY

Important Batman Arkham Announcement

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ax18gamer 25 listopada 2016 o 19:53 
Here is the BEST SOLUTION to this problem (if u r willing to dowload GBS of data from Steam)

When i tried to play Arkham City (not GOTY version, just the Original one), i got the message Date Check Failure. I searched in net and found an alternative solution.
I registered in WBplay and then visited 'WB Games Support' website where there is a section called 'Ask for Help'. Click on that. Fill it up, with attacments of ur DVD and CD key to prove ur ownership and submit. Within hourse they wil provide a Steam key of 'GOTY' version of AC. Enter it into Steam and download and play.
Worked 100% for me. :-)
Bose Man 12 listopada 2016 o 5:23 
Here is a sulution if you have to check the release date check failure message. Change the time on your computer to like 2012 then it will work.
iomegajaz 11 listopada 2016 o 2:15 
Arkham City, boxed CD/DVD version, code doesn't work in Steam. =(
alecberdukov 6 listopada 2016 o 4:31 
Steam main window --> Library --> In the bottom left corner there's "Add a game..." menu.
KubaKopecky/CZ/ 5 listopada 2016 o 11:27 
Guys please where is add game ??

RobloxGaming170609 31 października 2016 o 10:50 
anderser 26 września 2016 o 22:37 
PEOPLE DID U EVER LOOK INSIDE YOUR GAME MANUAL...I BET YOU DID WHAT I DID AND TRIED TO ACTIVATE THE GAME WITH THE ADD ON DOWNLOAD CD CODE...LOOK IN YOUR MANUAL AND YOU WILL SEE A CD KEY WITH THESE WORDS ABOVE IT....."your batman: Arkham city authentication code"....code right below that.....I HAVE THE CD/dvd rom....and i opened up the little pamphlet/manual that has "GAMES FOR WINDOWS LIVE on the top...and there the code was...i had to wait awhile before it worked because i had tried to enter my other code to many times but then BAM now its downloading on steam as...........batman: arkham city goty
Unhinged Flamingo 25 sierpnia 2016 o 12:13 
you`ve got to type it in using small letters dude. like this:


you know?
Putin 14 sierpnia 2016 o 14:47 
Can not play Batman I asked my code and wrote to me that this code is invalid
Hanover_Phist 8 lipca 2016 o 19:57 
This is not working for me. I'm unable to play a game I bought through Steam, on Steam. This is nothing short of theft.