Important Batman Arkham Announcement

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Sajito 7月11日 11時50分 
I bought Batman Arkham City GOTY on Amazon (GER), that code doesn't get accepted by steam.
Ampharosmaster64 7月10日 15時20分 
My Batman AA code wouldn't register should I contact WB or Steam? Or just wait?
Nurbsey 7月2日 13時27分 
Same here, worked like a charm for arkham city but doesn´t work at all for arkham asylum. Any fixes?
qu3x^ 6月24日 7時55分 
still not working out I own a Limited Edition of Batman Akrham Asylum (GER) and it wont let me activate the product
strider_sp 6月22日 8時26分 
Hi there!

I hope the staff is reading this... After I had installed the boxed gfwl version (screw gfwl! screw securom even more!!!), I deleted it because I had no patience to remember where the installation discs were everytime...

Once I found the game was under steamworks downloaded it asap. It is running well, but every first time i start it after a reboot, it tries to install something.

Recently Super Street Fighter 4 passed thru the same procedure, and was acting funny like this too, but a fast patch fixed this. Can wb and rocksteady do this too?
Arsonist cow 6月20日 15時55分 
I can't believe we're finally rid of the cancer that is Games For Windows Live.
das a big ursa 5月30日 17時13分 
lol @ people blaming Valve and WB for this.

if you're going to blame anyone, blame Micro$oft for even making the shitty GFWL in the first place.

and if you're going to blame WB at all, blame them for using GFWL in the first place instead of just going with Steamworks.

and blaming the shitty GFWL service on Valve is utter nonsense.
.:|c|u|:. (Old Fart) Crusty JR. 5月26日 8時05分 
My Batman Arkham Asylum CD Key is not working, should I contact WB or Steam?
Pallando 5月9日 3時16分 
Have you read the announcement ? GFWL will be closing soon and has been removed from the game...
But you can still patch your saves:
and here for AA:
APEX ASSASSlN 5月8日 9時47分 
Iv only just booted up this game aint played it in ages, Can i no longer earn achievements as i cant find the windows hub when the game has loaded.