Important Batman Arkham Announcement

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BlueSkyBlackBird 10月29日 9時02分 
AA key still doesn't work in steam.
RSK 10月25日 11時07分 
My Arkham Asylum cd key isn't working =(
Mike Furry 10月24日 21時09分 
I just tried to enter my Arkham Asylum CD key and it told me it was invalid as well. I really wanted to get this game when I got it (a couple of years ago) despite MicroSoft having a shitty reputation with support for their products.

I want to play this game again, but I won't be paying for another copy of it, that is for sure.

ddrfr33k 10月24日 8時26分 
It looks like Arkham Asylum is not on the list of valid CD Keys.

Is that supposed to be correct? I have a support ticket submitted to get some clarification.
M4rt1ntian 9月6日 11時54分 
@that's what she said No, I had the non GOTY version, bought no DLC and was given a GOTY edition of AC... :3
SallyMcBaggySoggyTits 8月30日 17時27分 
i just bought this now (batan AC GOTY) on my mac and everytime I open it it woukd jsu close again and batman quit unexxpectedley and i kept reopening please help
Angelfire_Snake 8月13日 4時32分 
Damn it!!! How do I skip the heavy bloody download and just have Steam recognize my installed Batman Arkham City GFWL?! Please help! I have a slow internet connection and limited bandwidth. This is not fair!
The King of Hearts 8月9日 22時24分 
I tried to activate my Batman Arkham City (NON GOTY) code buy it said invalid is someone going to fix this problem
Sajito 7月11日 11時50分 
I bought Batman Arkham City GOTY on Amazon (GER), that code doesn't get accepted by steam.
Ampharosmaster64 7月10日 15時20分 
My Batman AA code wouldn't register should I contact WB or Steam? Or just wait?