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Read all about the latest update arriving on May 12. Venture deep into the Nightmare Nest and make your way to the 4th Floor to meet its new bosses! The Dragon Vault will also be updated with new goodies.

New Content
- Updated Nightmare Nest
- Dragon Vault Update

Additional Updates
- Bug Fixes

Updated Nightmare Nest

The might of the Monolith has succeeded in adding an additional floor to the Nightmare Nest! Grab your friends and journey deep inside until you find the new 4th Floor. Several bosses wait for you there, including the final boss, the Nightmare Watchman, who performs spin and rush attacks and throws a powerful fireball!

To enter the nightmare, click here[].

Dragon Vault Update

Royalty has come to the Dragon Vault! The Royal Viking lords and ladies are dressed to the nines, and you can look fashionable too with these new rare-grade costume sets. Pick up a package and also receive a Force Converter!

The Royal Vikings have brought their style to the Dragon Eggs as well! Dragon Eggs have been updated with a romantic wedding mount, a weapon coupon, and a Pure Royal Viking wing, tail, and decal set.

Bug Fixes

- Various texts have been updated.
- The Skill-Up Crest Pouch item now functions correctly.
- The Tinkerer’s skill ‘Class Mastery II’ now functions as intended.
- Little Winnie's Argenta costume now displays correctly.
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