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Feel the fury of the Red Dragon with this new Lv. 80 dungeon! Pether, once thought to have lost the source of his power, has returned stronger than ever. By ripping a hole in the fabric of space-time, he has re-created the nest of Rajuul on the island of Ravea. You must venture to the far side of the continent, enter the nest, and destroy Pether once and for all!

In the first stage, you take on Flame Lord Barbatos – the King of Dragons. He delivers a Sky Drop attack that absorbs your energy! He also summons multiple dragons to his defense. Jump quickly to stay on your feet! At certain percentages, he sets the floor aflame, and you must be quick to escape the flames.

Then you must face down Monarch of Pain Crudelis, who attacks with a mix of fire and ice. Beware his Fire Tornadoes and deadly Flame Rush! Heat is not the only danger as he also possesses fearsome Ice Spikes and an Ice Field. At certain percentages, you must destroy his spawns to escape certain death!

In the second stage, you face Guardian of Flames Nouvelle. He has a deadly Rush Attack, and attacks with spears in addition to fire. He is also not alone, as he summons three flame statues to fight beside him!

In the third stage, you enter the Hyper Dynamo Core. Controlled by Jasmine, it can release a devastating Laser Attack, as well as fire missiles! At certain percentages, you must also prevent the core from exploding!

In the fourth stage, you encounter Immortal Knight Tacitus. He delivers powerful Flame Sword Attacks, and also has the ability to teleport in order to attack you quickly! At certain percentages, you must prevent him from absorbing lava into his blade. As he nears his demise, you will have to work hard to dodge his attacks.

In the final stage, you face the Black Dragon’s Phantom, who is armed with Fire Tornadoes and deadly Black Dragon Breaths. His Claw Stomps can take you down, and he also possesses the ability to confuse you.

Once you defeat the Black Dragon’s Phantom, you must face the Red Dragon himself, Red Dragon King Pether. The Red Dragon can curse one member of your party, while burning the other members with his fiery breath! He can also create deadly Fire Tornadoes, or cause damage with Claw Attacks. As the fight progresses, he gains additional skills and will also summon monsters to fight by his side!

  • Recommended Level: 80 and above
  • Party Size: 5 – 8 Players
  • Portal Location: North Portal-->Garden of Eternity
  • An entry pass is required. You can obtain the Red Crescent Gem from the Volcano Trial Nest.
  • You can enter twice per week.
  • Lv. 80 Weapons and Armor (unique-grade)
  • Lv. 80 Crafting Items (unique-grade)
  • Lv. 80 Accessories (unique-grade)
  • Cooking Recipes (unique-grade and legend-grade)

Review the full update patch notes HERE[]
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