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Mountie 'NorthWest'
The residents of San Paro are rarely polite, so feel free to teach them some manners. This fully automatic pistol will help you tip the odds in your favor and ensure that you always get your man.
The 'NorthWest[]' variant comes with no modifications and a unique design.

Mountie 'Nunavut'
The 'Nunavut[]' variant comes with an Extended Magazine and a unique design.
Obeya SLR762 'Broadside'
Functionally identical to the Obeya CR-762, this bulky weapon is a long range semi automatic rifle that is great for hitting targets up to 80m.
Shredder SB R&D III
The Shredder Automatic Shotgun is a powerful precise weapon that can provide extreme amounts of fire against enemy targets. The bulk of the weapon makes it somewhat unwieldy on the move, despite the tight spread of the custom shells, and as such this weapon is best fired from a marksmanship stance.
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