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The Joker Jackpot is back on.
Starting NOW and lasting until October 28th - 11:59 PM PDT, every Joker Mystery Box purchased gets you one step closer to getting some epic gear! Win any Legendary Prize and we will double it! Get the latest and greatest like the Huntress VBR Rifle, Volcano “Joy Cannon” Rocket Launcher, tricked-out vehicles and many other unique prizes. 

Here are the details:
  • Win exclusive Jackpot Prizes for Green, Blue, Purple and Orange prizes you get from Joker Boxes!
  • Rewards from mixed JMB purchases can be combined to win a Jackpot Prize.
  • You can earn unlimited Jackpot Prizes during the promotion. (prizes can repeat)
  • Jackpot Prizes will be delivered within 48 hours from promotion's end date.
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