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We're aiming at releasing a client update on Wednesday. Maintenance will start at 9 AM UTC and last approximately 2 hours.

EU Server Merge
In order to prepare for the EU server merge:
  • Fight Club challenges will be off until the server merge is complete. Fight Club Missions will still be active.
  • User created auctions will be disallowed until the server merge
  • System created auctions (Billboard, Statues, etc. tokens) will not be put up next week. Existing tokens will be sent but should be used before the server merge or will potentially be lost.

Players that have earned either the Valentine Quiver, Egg Head mask or both by participating in their respective events can now be customized.


The Italy and Russia skins now display correctly on the VAS, CASE and SWARM weapons.

Open Conflict no longer appears as Dynamic Event on the District Rule-set filter
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