Shadowgrounds Survivor Steam Trading Cards Now Available

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swenor 17 Mar @ 12:49pm 
Alien Swarm
Alien Breed Trilogy
(maybe) AVP games
Dorok 12 Mar @ 2:56pm 
Very good game alas this one on Mac have huge performance problems. The first works well and is great too but Survivor looks like a nice improvement. Too bad there isn't more games like that, enjoy it quite much and one of the rare to be almost on par with Alien Shooter 2.
Enzo B>cards 1 scrap 4 Mar @ 9:20am 
StripedPanties 3 Mar @ 2:40pm 
Nice. I'd love to see Steam Achievements, at least for Shadowgrounds Survivor one day! Great games.
phatcatholic 3 Mar @ 7:41am 
JugonEx 28 Şub @ 10:51am 
Nice add, thanks!