Smaug DLC bug fix

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Montag 22. Jan. um 19:14 Uhr 
Well, the Gold has still not been returned. I keep waiting...
Owyne 22. Jan. um 14:53 Uhr 
Got my gold restored, thank you!
Anibal Smith 22. Jan. um 13:23 Uhr 
It's really taking a bit longer than a few hours. My balance is still negative. Do you have an estimate date to have it fixed on all accounts?
AwesomeX 19. Jan. um 19:10 Uhr 
Me and my friends have all had our gold restored. Thanks!
ZombieStudiosKyle 19. Jan. um 11:22 Uhr 
Hey folks, the gold has been distributed! Thanks for your patience while we handed out the moolah!
Montag 18. Jan. um 20:24 Uhr 
My balance is still negative too. I played after the 7 (I bought the game the 8) but I wait my gold.
Owyne 18. Jan. um 4:21 Uhr 
I got a negative gold balance now that i opened the game. Am i still getting this fix, having played a bit more before than the 01/07/14, more precisely maybe on the month of November of the past year?