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ORION: Prelude

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We are David & Francesca - and we are just two of the faces at Trek Industries. Trek Industries is an independent software / media developer and a philanthropologist corporation.

( Video Tour )
Here is the very first look at the Trek Bus in which we Live, Work and Travel the World from full-time. It runs fully on Solar Power & Bio Diesel to help promote cleaner and smarter working conditions - not to mention much better office views!

( Show - Behind The Scenes + Travel + Interactive Media )
Over the course of this next decade we will be developing a set of next generation Orion games across the globe courtesy of amazing developers and incredible partners. We will be documenting this entire experience, showcasing behind the scenes footage and what it is like for an independent game studio to create a game from beginning to digital store shelves. This will of course include us but also the other developers who participate in the creation of Orion from all around the world. Locations include: United States (All), Canada, Australia and the UK.

( Keeping It Local )
Along the way we fully intend to embrace small and local businesses. We will be scouting out “mom and pop” type shops to eat and shop at instead of big businesses. Investing our time and money into these special places and helping to grow their community. We want to live life like a local wherever it is that we are traveling to, getting a real vibe for each destination while supporting their individual city and town.

( First Great Departure )
We are preparing to make our first great departure! Across this experience we will be showing off every inch of North America and Canada - including Alaska and the Yukon, which are some of the very places that have motivated and inspired the vistas of Orion.

Let us know what you think below and what else you’d like to see. Stay tuned for our next upload!
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Music: Broke For Free | “XXV”
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