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Win Prizes & Guardians of Orion Gear!
Every Sunday @ 7am US Pacific.

Thanks to all who supported our channel so far and we look forward to sharing more and doing more with you going forward. We've collected tons of user feedback and have integrated some of our own changes. We will now be giving out MORE prizes, MORE codes and supporting players who already own both Orion games in new ways! Read below:

We will be dropping codes for a variety of Steam Games. Most of them will be one of our games (ORION series) but it is possible to receive keys from literally anything as we collect and save from sales and partners. Code Drops are based on the game being played and can be tied to a wide variety of things such as Objective Completion, Game Win, Kill Combo/Streak and a variety of others!

To support existing Orion players we've added a new segment called SPIN THE WHEEL. This is based on Channel Support (aka Active Viewers) and every time we climb 10 viewers (10, 20, 30, 40, etc) we will spin the wheel. This will reward MANY active users in the stream with in-game items ranging from: Free Armors, Free Helmets, Free Hats, XP Boosters, Loot Crates, ION Currency, Credits & More!


Join the FUN & WIN!
Every Sunday @7am US PT
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