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In 2012 we released one of the worst games of all time due to many events and almost everyone hated it. But instead of ditching it we supported it. For three years! After 60+ game updates, over 18,000 Steam User Reviews, from a 35% to a 75% and more than 1 million copies sold. We are here to show you that games can't fail - only developers can.

(TRAILER) ORION: Prelude - The Best/Worst Game on Steam!

We are celebrating this achievement by launching a week-long Steam Free-2-Play Event starting May 4th, 2015. This allows all 125+ Million Steam Users to play the entire game for free during this period. When they love what they see they can own the game for only $1.

(TRAILER) ORION: Prelude - Halo + Killing Floor for $1

Please support developers who support their fans!

ORION: Prelude @ Steam for $1:
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