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ORION: Prelude

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There has been some confusion regarding what we're up to and I wanted to clear a few things up for everyone.

A little while ago we cancelled all other titles/developments at Trek Industries once we internally committed to approaching The Orion Project again. While most of these titles and games were never publicly announced or mentioned, some were.

These cancellations included games like:
1. ORION: Interlude (sequel to Prelude)
2. ORION: Interlude (Episodic Campaign)
3. ORION: Retro (action/platformer)
4. ORION: Fueled (Adrenaline Racing)
5. ORION 1 (Campaign, Trilogy)
6. ORION 2 (Campaign, Trilogy)
7. ORION 3 (Campaign, Trilogy)
8. OrionVR

We decided to cancel these titles not because we're not going to be delivering these experiences, but because we want to deliver them in a new and unique way - a way that doesn't split or segregate the community by forcing an annual or bi-annual re-purchase of a new game or sequel. This also benefits us on the development side of things allowing us to focus on what we create instead of going backwards and re-creating/re-modulating systems and modules every year.

Instead we're going to use all those designs and technology and integrate it into one giant and connected experience via The Orion Project. These are games within games, but are being called Modules because of their inner-connected relationships/parallel activity alongside other modules at the same time.

So you'll be getting that sequel to Prelude, which is incredible FPS and Third-Person gameplay with the ability to purchase Weapons/Vehicles (coming after 1.5) and tackling side objectives and bonus missions. It won't just be a new camera angle and weapons as we've also evolved the overall gameplay that occurs during these modules and perspectives and will be taking it a step further.

You can see these in changes like the mobility of the power source (Harvester) compared to the Power Gen (Prelude), the ability to buy weapons/vehicles anywhere rather than running all the way to a shop, the confirmation of weapon attachments, the deeper player customization and so much more.

So if you're a fan coming from ORION: Prelude you will find the experience of the sequel within The Orion Project courtesy of the FPS Module 1.0 and 2.0, otherwise previously known as and using content/assets/designs from ORION Interlude (aka ORION: Prelude 2).

You're getting an entire FPS games worth of content courtesy of this integration. We will be doing the same thing with the Mechs and we will be doing a full games worth instead of a Mech-spin off game.

So instead of just one Mech vehicle with a preset weapon loadout in the game like Prelude, we will have multiple classes of Mechs with an on-going and growing list of unit types within those classes. In addition we are developing an entire arsenal of weapons exclusively for the Mechs and the content of the Mech module will be comparable to a game like Titan Fall 1.

The same goes for the Racing module(s), the Campaign, and so on and so forth.

- - -

We are tackling each project one at a time to not get overwhelmed and I believe we are making incredible progress and a year from now people will very much enjoy what we are all building together.
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