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We are looking to spread awareness for both of our ORION game titles to celebrate the game series 5th year anniversary (August 25)
· ORION: Prelude
· Guardians of Orion


We have lots of ideas and things we'd love to do in order to boost support. If you end up winning and enjoy the game share your thoughts! Plenty of ways to help, including:
1. Write a Steam Review (what you like, what you didn't)
2. Tell a friend
3. Post to Social Media/Forums/Groups
4. Share with Community Members, Websites, Reviewers, Streamers, Influencers, YouTubers.

You can get a great idea of what we are committed to learning and adding if given the opportunity via our (failed) 2016 Kickstarter:

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1,000 ORION Winners in 10 days!
August 25 @ 09:00am

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