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Today celebrates the four year anniversary of what once was the worst game on Steam - but now one of the best games on Steam!

We recently allowed the ability to go back in time and play the original ORION: Dino Beatdown from inside your ORION: Prelude game build!

This version is as it was in 2012, bugs and all. For tips and gameplay information please visit this thread:

ORION: Dino Beatdown was a less than stellar game that had a forced early release. You may read more about the history of that here:

After three years of free updates we evolved it to ORION: Prelude, a massive game with more content and features than ever originally planned. Now you can go back in time and see where everything came from, whether you're an original founding member or simply want to see what everyone was making a fuss about.

ORION: Prelude is having a Flash Sale! Grab the original Dinosaurs + Jetpacks + Mechs experience for less than a candy bar and experience one of the best Co-op games on Steam!

If you enjoy our work, check out our brand new game on Steam called The Orion Project:
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