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ORION: Prelude to remain $0.99c for life. More details below:

"After much discussion with Steam and our Community we have come to a conclusion for the pricing model on 'ORION: Prelude'. The simple fact of the matter is that we are only capable of determining whether or not a user owns a game in a general manner rather than being able to specify or filter a period or set of dates (regarding Dino Beatdown, Dino Horde) to reward users in a tier-based form via Steam.

Due to this, we are keeping the $0.99c pricing model for 'ORION: Prelude' and will reward any users who have purchased the game between May 4, 2012 and May 4, 2015.
Version 3.0 for 'ORION: Prelude is expected to release on May 4, 2015 and will feature 5 new Survival Maps."

ORION: Prelude @ Steam:
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