ORION: Prelude

Grasslands DLC + v6.0 | Now Available!

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I meow teh kitteh 9 июн, 2014 в 8:49 
how to dl greenlands? i purchased dino horde, but wont let me purchase dinohorde 4 pack. why?
The Wolf 14 апр, 2014 в 6:04 
where do i download it
Kuzkula 23 мар, 2014 в 16:54 
Please more content. I love this game, and just wish there was more to it. Desert map? Jungle map?
Dj =D 21 мар, 2014 в 12:51 
Why a third identity change?
l0ck0 15 мар, 2014 в 15:34 
donde esta el DLC ese free??
bassfisher6522 14 мар, 2014 в 12:23 
How does one download the "Grasslands DLC"? It says it's free...but no where I can find a download link.
Arod Snaux 11 мар, 2014 в 18:47 
PLEASE Add server commands to admins folks to turn OFF weather effects on private servers... I've noticed that as soon as it starts raining or snowing, people disconnect . Commands to add/kill bots would be great for admins too.
[✚] Edbear.ₑₓₑ 6 мар, 2014 в 12:41 
Oh wow, thanks for adding the same tundra map without snow ¬¬
And as B!t8vM said, green grass + green ground + green dinos=cancer.
~BassVII™ 6 мар, 2014 в 11:00 
Crashs still , tho the game is awesome
Innversion 5 мар, 2014 в 19:10 
OMG THE RAIN NEVERS STOPS!! Complete white out!!