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I've been working on what is known as 'The Orion Project' for twenty years now. This short film offers merely a glimpse towards the tone, setting and story that is the foundation of the entire Orion Universe.

'Guardians of Orion' is the prequel AND spiritual successor to the multi-million selling 'ORION: Prelude' on Steam.

'ORION: Prelude' focused on bringing back the feeling of the 90's/LAN classics: Quake, Unreal Tournament, Counter-Strike, Tribes and Star Wars Jedi Knight.

'Guardians of Orion' will focus on cultivating an SNES-inspired experience mixed with next-generation technology. Players will experience a hyper-adrenaline Twin-Stick Shooter built with staggering detail allowing players to experience this genre like never before. We are building this experience on brand new technology and it will feature a wide range of characters, abilities, weapons and gear and an increased variety of enemies and monsters:

· 3 Game Modes (Coop, PvP, Local)
· 5 Guardians
· 10 Maps
· 10+ Enemy Types
· 20+ Weapons & Gear
· Fatalities
· Destruction
· Gibs & Gore
· SDK & Workshop
· Steam Achievements
· Full Gamepad Support
· Windows/Linux

We are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign that will launch sometime in September 2015. This will allow fans and gamers to help grow 'Guardians of Orion' in addition to what we've already invested/are investing to ensure the official release of features stated above. Any additional funds received will help continue to grow it beyond that!
*We will be releasing the Early Access feature set soon.

We will be utilizing Steam's Early Access program. We've established an incredible relationship with our user base during our time with 'ORION: Prelude' and you all know what to expect when it comes to not only us and our games - but us and YOU. We will be supporting this game to the max. Heck we aren't even done supporting Prelude!

I can confirm that ALL owners of 'ORION: Prelude' will be receiving a limited-time loyalty discount upon the release of 'Guardians of Orion'. More details regarding this coming soon.

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