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Hello Guardians!

It is no surprise that we constantly want to grow and evolve our games. Guardians of Orion is no different! We have so many ideas for content and modules and so do our fans. We want to make as many of them as possible and the developers on Guardians of Orion have been willing to commit years of their life to fulfilling this experience!

We are halfway through the duration of our Kickstarter campaign and it's the time where we evaluate the current standing of models we are using. We've been here before (2014, 2015) and we suspect and must operate under the understanding that this 2016 crowdfunding event will follow the same trajectory.

*Note: If the Kickstarter is unsuccessful your donations won't be collected. We encourage any and all supporters to focus onto our Patreon:
*Note: If the Kickstarter is successful we will use it to continue to grow and evolve the game by adding even more content and modules. The more you support us the more we can support you.

We're going to let the 2016 Kickstarter run it's course. We still have just about a month and we still have many campaigns, announcements and interactions as we lead up to the massive Guardians of Orion Official Release via Steam on December 20, 2016. We hope it will succeed but beyond that we ultimately want to:
1. Have an effective model in place that raises more resources which would allow us to deliver more content and modules.
2. Allow fans to have control over the fate of the game and how large it can become.
3. Reward fans with awesome rewards and gifts.

Our first goal with Patreon (monthly crowdfunding) is to offset the current costs of servers via community support and rewards. The largest expense every month is the server infrastructure/operational costs.

We like to offer incredible rewards whenever it comes to fan involvement and our Patreon will offer the most exclusive and incredible rewards to date. We have options for rewards such as:
· Access to DevBetas
· Access to DevDiscords
· Access to Patron-only updates & information
· 1on1 Monthly Dev Chats (Skype/Facetime)
· Private Group Monthly Dev Meetings
· Priority Access to many modules, events and savings
· A variety of music albums!
· Invites to local meetups
· Invites to VIP events (conferences, expos, release parties)
· Physical Items (Shirts, Hoodies, Coffee Cups)
· Limited Edition Items (Statues, Plushies)
· Savings on all Trek/Orion Games
· Coupons for the Trek Store
& more!

The *good* thing about these servers is that the current price will not grow much even if the player count increases as this is simply the minimum viable operational costs for them to exist. The only times they would grow is when we add ADDITIONAL servers such as new locations around the world to help users better connect.

This also keeps the crowdfunding total(s) significantly lower allowing for much more achievable community-based goals, a win for both developers and fans alike.

The less we have to invest in the operational costs of these servers the more we can invest into adding new content and modules that further your game experience.

We've been working extremely hard on Guardians of Orion v2.0. We are on track for the public release which is rapidly approaching on Dec 20, 2016 and we expect that the new pricing model and content model will better support the game going forward to where we can focus on more exciting goals and continue to evolve the game in exciting and new ways courtesy of your interaction and support.

Guardians of Orion is officially releasing via Steam on December 20, 2016. Buy it now while in Early Access to save big $$$


#ORION is a #SciFi #MMO #RPG #Galactic #Shooter available on #Steam and features #Dinosaurs #Jetpacks & #Spaceships
Built with #Unreal Engine

Always on #Patreon

Now on #Kickstarter

Ultimately, those who support Trek Industries always win. We will always support those who support us and this will never change.
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