^0xX^1ALE57^0Xx 2012年11月19日 14時52分
I got VAC ban for doing nothing
i have been banned since 2010 i havent been able to play MW2 or to get help from nobody to fix it I would just like to get my account VAC unbanned
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Spawn of Totoro 2012年11月19日 15時02分 
Steam does not remove VAC bans, they are for the life of the account. If you wish to play MW2 again, you must create another account and re-buy the game.
^0xX^1ALE57^0Xx 2012年11月19日 15時13分 
OMG well I'll have to do what you say thanks man
Spawn of Totoro 2012年11月19日 15時56分 
No problem.
Satoru 2012年11月19日 15時57分 
I'd watch out for your wording of 'doing nothing' as the past few people claiming htat have shown to be lying out of their skulls.
Not ZeDerp 2012年11月23日 10時49分 
If this VAC ban is your first time you only have to wait 3 months
Not ZeDerp 2012年11月23日 10時50分 
I had to go the "Hard Way"
Spawn of Totoro 2012年11月23日 11時16分 
AF2 | Ze Derp の投稿を引用:
If this VAC ban is your first time you only have to wait 3 months

VAC bans are for life of the account, not for 3 months. Reguardles if it is a first time or not.


All VAC bans are permanent - Valve has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating and will not lift VAC bans under any circumstances.
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