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David Apr 20, 2014 @ 11:18am
Another cheat with a friends eloboosting MM (Polands)
Hello, I come from playing MatchMaking cs:go and there was a cheat with aimbot and WH in the party. You could put more information too the cheat but it would at all, just the steam id and valve being entrusted to ban the cheat.

I have also searched for information to cheat friends who also deserve to be punished for playing with him and no vote kick the cheat. We have to clean this game, not is just playing with a cheat and he eloobost.

As much as the nick change Account and esl steam id is the same.

<Removed: report cheaters through their profiles>

They are changing the name in the match, but never can change steamID.

I apologize for my English (i used traductor) but I think it is well understood.
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