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Wido 寡妇 Apr 3, 2014 @ 5:11pm
VAC does nothing soo many hackers in COD same ppl hack everytime (sorry for bad inglis)
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VAC bans are not immediate. They are on a delay in order to hamper cheaters' efforts to get around them. Cheats and hacks constantly change and evolve, as does any software, so a delay means they often do not know when the infraction occurred or which cheat triggered it. This is of clear benefit to Valve's attempts to prevent cheating.

People do get VAC banned, every day, in VAC secured games. The system is working as intended. One problem, though, is that some cheaters will cheat using an account containing only one game, then when it gets banned they simply make another - sometimes they purchase multiple copies of a game on sale in order to gift them to new accounts for this purpose.
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