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Sheniqua (L) Apr 1, 2014 @ 10:52am
Banned for 7 days Global offensive
Hello i have been banned for 7 days before and then i learn that if you play 1 week withouth bans it goes back to 3 days but now i played fresh 1,5 weeks withouth bans so the thing what happend is my harddisk has stopped working i repaired it somehow by doing the cables and it works but not good the thing that i want to ask is i know i deserve a ban even if i couldnt do nothing about that i tryd to rejoin but in 3 minutes u get delete from the game but it doesnt matter my thing is i should get a 3 days ban and not a 7 days ban

Steam i want you to fix this ban in 3 days im not going to accept this anymore otherwise im going to a higher hand and tell them my story before i was also banned for a stupid reason you know but it doesnt matter because i left the team

But the point her is that i got a 7 days ban but i played 1,5 weeks clean and now i get again for pc crash something with my harddisk error i fixt it somehow with the cables if i had 4 mintues time i would make it but doesnt matter i deserev a 3 days ban because i read youre forum that

you got 5 stept of ban first haf hour second 2 hours 3 24 hours 4 3 days 5 7 days and if u play 1 week clean u get from 7 to 3 days ban i played 1,5 week clean

Please i want this to fixx no reactions about we cant do this YOU CAN DO THIS its not FAIR that i get 7 days ban because i need to get a 3 days ban

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Satoru Apr 1, 2014 @ 11:15am 
1) Not about VAC

2) The MM cooldown is in place for a reason. You didn't get a 7 day MM cooldown for nothing. You got it because of your 3 other infractions. The cooldown is 7 days. If you cannot guarante your computer availablity play causal not MM.
Sheniqua (L) Apr 1, 2014 @ 11:21am 
Satoru First of all i respect what you just said but i had a 7 days ban i played 1,5 weeks fresh no bans nothing and then i get banned again for 7 days because my harddisk crash i should have a 3 days ban not a 7 days atleast Cause when u play 1 game fresh no bans nothing u get a ban level lower
Satoru Apr 1, 2014 @ 11:28am 
Three are no '3 day bans' its

30 mins
2 hours
24 hours
7 days

You triggered your 7 day ban again. You don't get 'partial credit'. The system doesn't care that your 'hard disk crashed' because there is no way to know that. You could just be making that up. The system saw you disconnect. That's it. And then the ban is applied.

Again if you're alrady triggering multiple 7 day bans, you have A LOT of problems with your computer/internet/behavior. Fix these first and play causual until you can address these problems.
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