Windows phone 8 app?
Anyone know of any progress on an app for Windows phone 8?
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I wish
Just like Half-Life 3, no word on a Windows Phone 8 version.
Come on, we need a Windows Phone 8 app!
Jay 23. úno. 2013 v 9.01 
I hope a windows phone app is in the pipeline.
We need one!
We realy need one for Windows Mobile!
would be nice if we did get that :P
i realy want app for windows Mobile!
I pray for it everyday!
Seems like it would be something that would come naturally o.O
I too would love this, there is a decent unofficial one, but the chat support is lacking and it isn't quite the same as the iOS and Android equivalents.
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Zobrazeno 115 z 23 komentářů
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