winrarphile Mar 5 @ 9:41pm
Trading on mobile?
Man, this would make the steam app worth installing.
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Freddie Gibbs Mar 7 @ 10:47pm 
speak soon get the chance!
IMMortaL Touch Mar 9 @ 3:26am 
I want trade with help of mobile
Zszasz pl Mar 9 @ 6:18am 
I wanto to trade on phone!
Olaio.mArito (Caloiro) Mar 9 @ 11:26am 
it would be awesome
O,ПРИВЕТ Mar 9 @ 11:28am 
Aviici Mar 10 @ 12:17am 
i want trade on my phone pls make it
HCSCH Mar 10 @ 1:01am 
How to trade?
AvIkEsSs! Mar 10 @ 1:45am 
D-Assassinate Mar 10 @ 2:09am 
I want too
Supreme Vampiric Evil Mar 10 @ 3:54am 
Mobile browsers still work, no need for app.
winrarphile Mar 10 @ 6:56am 
Originally posted by Supreme Vampiric Evil:
Mobile browsers still work, no need for app.
You can't exactly drag items into the web trading thing though.
Choops Mar 10 @ 7:30am 
давайте трейд
SwaggitSwagWhatsInTheBag Mar 10 @ 9:49am 
Make this happen!
[SFS]Beastasaur66™ Mar 10 @ 9:54am 
The App isn't exactly worth downloading, really. Chat, Profile Viewing and hard to use sometimes.
I think there should also be a few games like TF2 mobile as a single player or multiplayer game, or some other things. Trading would be fun too!
Controller Mar 10 @ 10:14am 
There Is A App Called Ice Launcher in android whichyou can both trade and craft with it
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