Android Game Store on the Steam app.
This is a suggestion, I think it would be great if Valve added a Android Game Store in their application for android. Similar to the PC, buying, downloading, installing, and then playing. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below...
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Maxis Lithium Feb 18, 2014 @ 5:21am 
I would use it. I don't lioke Google play. It isn't very good for seperating the wheat from the chaff.
Tsun@mi* Feb 18, 2014 @ 9:53am 
is not so cool
это фигня
Таки да ))
Originally posted by ŧhe_m1cЌy | ⒸмеⓀаеш?:
это фигня
Изысканные пойти с Google Play.
Radilist Feb 18, 2014 @ 3:11pm 
Is so cool
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