The Nexus (Previously a.k.a. "The Black Phantoms")....Steam Group
Is looking for new members.

We are originally a FB/PSN/XBL group created out of a shared love/interest for Demon's Souls and Dark Souls.
A lot of our members however, enjoy gaming in general and/or prefer different platforms (PC/ Mac).
Ofcourse if you are looking for a place to discuss Dark Souls,... The Nexus is still a good place to go for that.

But now we would like to focus a bit more on PC gaming and tech in general , to make sure all of our PC gaming members have the same kind of community to play online with as we already have on consoles.
Everybody is welcome !!
If you are passionate about gaming and everything related , and you would like to be a member of a group where you can actively discuss these things on a daily basis,....This is the place to be !!

We recently Started a Steam Group...

However at the moment it is not very active, so we would like more PC gamers to join us and bring the group to the same activity levels we already have on FB and Consoles !!
We do have some PC gamers (me being one of them) and some of our members just haven't joined the group...yet, so there are more than the three you currently see :)
But,...they are still a minority in te overall Nexus community,....
We are all PC gamers that have been active on PC and Steam for years ..some of us since Steam launched , so this is not a group of "console gamers" just starting out on PC .

We are looking to expand our community to give the PC platform and PC gamers among us the deserved attention.

So.. we would like to have a lot more PC gamers !!
And get some jolly online cooperation going on the PC more frequently.

The Nexus,

Anything and Everything Video Game, Media, and Pop Culture related.
If it's news we need to know or something to make us laugh, post it!
We are also a vast network of gamers with knowledge and experience in several different genres of games and hardware, on all platforms.
Have a question, Just ask it!
Have an answer, post it!!
Most of all have fun!!


We play all sorts of games like , BL2, BFBC2, BF3, HL , L4D2 , Portal ,Civ, C&C ,Skyrim, FC3 (soon),...etc etc.
But we don't focus on one game alone !!..
If you are looking for a more game specific group, this one is not for you :)

Interested ?

(this is the new group created today, we will eventually all move to)

Or msg me
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