๖Stickerz๖ 2012年11月25日下午3:55
Tf2 Game trading not appearing in the trade?
I am trying to trade my tf2 items and they can't be found in the tf2 trades. It is happening for my friends also. They can't find the items but the inventory when you go in tf2 are there.
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[OP]Sir Crocodile 2012年12月6日上午6:05 
and me too:(
最后由 [OP]Sir Crocodile 编辑于; 2012年12月6日上午6:05
[OP]Sir Crocodile 2012年12月6日上午6:05 
[OP]Sir Crocodile 2012年12月6日上午6:06 
is permanently or temporarily?
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日上午6:29 
Yeah it just happend yesterday night around 9:28 EST.

It happend a few weeks ago when I first posted the topic.
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日上午6:31 
If i look on my friends account and hit Inventory like by searching them or clicking the pic then inventory the tf2 backpack says Your backpack is currently unavaible or something like that.
Drunken F00l 2012年12月6日上午9:03 
This is fixed now. Give it another try.
Good luck 2012年12月6日上午9:51 
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日上午10:44 
Okay drunken its fixed.
Thanks for helping.
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日上午10:44 
Nice meeting a [VALVE] Worker.
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日上午10:45 
Man Valve is fast. Mann.Co and Valve FTW!
๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日下午2:33 
Still not.

๖Stickerz๖ 2012年12月6日下午2:33 
Just stopped workin

Randinie Grey Beard 2012年12月6日下午2:38 
Not fix, not even a little. 3 trade servers and nearly everyone is in the same boat, none of us can see our own or anyone elses inventory. 24+ hours now. :(
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