Alterego 2012年11月19日 13時13分
Free to play -planetside 2
I just saw this new game being released in a day, completly free to play; called Planetside 2.
Planetside 2 is a massive first person shooter online game and i thought this good news should be spread!
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Techgamer2291 2012年11月19日 16時39分 
The way that planetside 2 feels to me, is like having a reward given to all pc gamers. Planetside 2 is not just a mmo, it feels as though it exceeds all of what we were suppose to expect from SOE. And i mean that from the bottom of my heart. =)
Alterego 2012年11月19日 16時41分 
absolutly agree, and cant wait untell its out. im so suprised it actuly free thow!
Techgamer2291 2012年11月19日 16時45分 
Im still worndering for the system requirements that if this can work at a 2.0Ghz
Alterego 2012年11月19日 17時03分 
i think it will man i have a 2.79ghz so im hopein to, hey when its released maby ill see you on the battlefield \m/ its gonna be one hell of a game!
Techgamer2291 2012年11月19日 17時04分 
I am definitely going to see you too! =)
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Alterego 2012年11月19日 17時50分 
hell yea
Alterego 2012年11月19日 19時18分 
hey when you get the game man shoot me a friend request
Techgamer2291 2012年11月20日 2時00分 
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