Kouen 2012年11月18日 18時34分
Natural Selection 2
Hello. i recently purchased this game and tried to play but i can't.
Having so low fps even with lowest setups, totally unplayable.

is there any way to get refunded or trade to another game?

tried to make a support account but it says that has been registered with this email already. when i hit password forgotten, i get ''no email exist like this''.
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Jordanwts 2012年11月18日 21時38分 
Were you the one who made the NS2 post?
You won't get a refund and you cannot trade it.
Very rarely do they give out refunds if there's a valid enough reason, not being playable isn't one.

When trying to make a Support account are you making a brand new separate account, or are you trying to use this one? Your Steam account and Support account are two different things.
Kouen 2012年11月19日 4時34分 
no im making new one. when i try to make it says ''email already exists''. then i go lost pw and it says ''acc with this email not existed''
Jordanwts 2012年11月19日 5時01分 
Try to set up an account with a different email.
WheresTheParty 2012年12月23日 2時17分 
or just trade it with someone
Jordanwts 2012年12月23日 2時23分 
Demonic_Legend の投稿を引用:
or just trade it with someone
You cannot trade a game that's in your Library. This post is a month old, no reason to reply to it.
TheSupahBoss 2013年9月1日 0時24分 
I have not bought the game but it said I did.... What does it mean?????
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