Promega X KAT 2012年11月10日 7時55分
Sims 3 should have a Steam Workshop!
I think it should since people install packages and ♥♥♥♥, Why not steam workshop as well?

(Just an Idea)
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Candesco 2012年11月10日 13時39分 
Not gonna happen. The Sims 3 is from EA and EA and Valve are not the best friends of each other since EA came with their own platform and removed all their games from steam. Besides, why should TS3 have the workshop if there is already CC being made. There is the infamous tsr workshop and s3pe, to which people use to make stuff.
saeleth 2013年1月26日 10時34分 
how the hell can I install CCs when I bought TS3 from steam?!
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