Chipotle Papi 2012年11月7日下午3:56
Failed to contact key server
I JUST bought the gta bundle pack, i finshed downloading it and when i pressed play it showed 'failed to contact key server'. why would you sell me something, if you do not even have it? I spent money on this and i havent even been able to play.
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Ex Nihilo 2012年11月7日下午4:05 
I guess (hope) it's temporary. I've got the same error.
Chipotle Papi 2012年11月7日下午4:06 
okay :( this happens everytime i spend my money and i get no product!
Ex Nihilo 2012年11月7日下午4:10 
Now this is interesting. I can start Episodes from Liberty, but when I try to connect to LIVE, I got an error message that my key is not valid!
Chipotle Papi 2012年11月7日下午4:12 
hmm strange, can you play the single player?
Felix 2012年11月7日下午4:18 
Please have a read of this support article regarding this message:

Chipotle Papi 2012年11月7日下午4:24 
引用自 FrazerJC
Please have a read of this support article regarding this message:
i cant view it, says web page unavailable
Ex Nihilo 2012年11月7日下午4:30 
Yeah: Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond. Same with other browser. But obviosusly the problem is not local. And it's not only one problem. I could not be able to download ol' good Mass Effect for hours. "Not connected".. pffff...
Felix 2012年11月7日下午4:33 
Here's a screenshot of the same Steam Support page for you two:
Ex Nihilo 2012年11月7日下午4:40 
Thank you. Unfortunately, the only point which MAY apply in (at least) my case, is that I've bought the game on sale. But still, I have a question:

Why LIberty city - which came with code (thanks, God!), says it's wrong?

Nevermind, it's too late and I'll go to sleep. Hopefully, tomorrow the downloads and codes will be available and working.

I am little disappointed.
Felix 2012年11月7日下午4:45 
GFWL can be pretty picky. Make sure you are typing it in absolutely correctly. Double and Triple check it.
If you're still having issues, you'll probably need to contact XBox/GFWL support about it.
Chipotle Papi 2012年11月7日下午5:34 
nthnk you for the picture but no, i shouyld have no problem
Felix 2012年11月8日上午1:22 
引用自 Argent1no
nthnk you for the picture but no, i shouyld have no problem
You SHOULD have no problem, that is correct.
However, you do. This is most likely because Valve did not anticipate the number of purchases the sale would gain and have therefore ran out of CD-Keys to provide. They will have contacted Rockstar and once they have more keys your Steam account will automatically be granted one.
Chipotle Papi 2012年11月8日上午9:36 
ok well explain to me the fact that how come on my ballad of gay tony (not gta4) wont let me play live when im putting the product the special product key that was give to me, it says its invalid but its the one valve gave me! :(
Flashwolf 2012年11月8日上午10:18 
It asks for a serial key for securom. The only CD key is on ELC, which I haven't installed (I've installed gta4). So it's asking for a key which doesn't exist? The ELC key didn't work anyway.
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