Crimson Ghost 2012年10月28日 9時05分
Seeking Syndicate Players
Trying to get into Syndicate co-op. Having a lot of fun with one other person but a full team would be amazing for taking down the enemies, especially when large clusters of enemy Agents come running at you. Feel free to look me up in Origin as "LuminousSaber" or chat to me through steam as I do have steam overlay active within the game.
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Strup 2012年11月14日 1時16分 
Hi I have bought Syndicate with a friend too so we could play together. My nick on Origin is "Struppp".
Crimson Ghost 2013年3月30日 18時13分 
Feel free. Join the group. The more the better!
Electric Messiah 5月27日 5時21分 
Any of you guys still playing Syndicate co-op? I got the game cheap but people dont seem to be playing it anymore. It's a shame since I've heard that co-op is the best part of the game.
Crimson Ghost 5月27日 5時58分 
I still play from time to time.
Electric Messiah 5月27日 6時24分 
I'll send you a friend request on Origin so if you happen to play sometime feel free to ask me!
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